Although I stopped playing on UTK Esports' Overwatch team in Fall 2022, I worked with the club's Overwatch Representative to create graphics advertising our games and streams on EGF, a collegiate esports league. As a longtime player of the game, working with its characters gave me a lot of insight into the way official promotional material was made, and I studied a variety of esports advertisements to better understand the industry standard. My file organization made it easier to give the representative working files in case he had any changes.

For our standard game announcements, I took screenshots in-game, then composited them in photoshop to create dynamic compositions that would catch a viewer's attention.

For our 2023 championship run, I used a promotional image of Genji (one of the playable characters) and created some fitting graphics to surround him. I also color-corrected the image to UTK's theme, and added some effects (such as the glowing eyes and grain) to make it more interesting.

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