In Fall 2022, I was hired as a student worker of the newly opened "Studio 02", the School of Design's primary resource for design students' print and production needs during the school year. I work with design faculty to create an optimal production space for all students in the program.

My duties include:
- Maintaining studio equipment, including a plotter and 2 small format printers.
- Creating content to convey important information on equipment usage, including demo videos and signage.
- Teaching design students how to use equipment through live demos and 1-on-1s.
- Keeping the studio's physical space and computers clean and organized.
- Utilizing email to troubleshoot with IT and update students on important changes in the studio.
- Updating Studio 02 web content with relevant information.

Before I was hired, the main source of information on our equipment was through old manufacturer's manuals and videos. I was tasked with creating demonstration videos to replace them. These videos simplify the learning curve for design students so they can quickly familiarize themselves with the equipment they will use. I filmed these videos on my phone and edited them with Premiere and After Effects. I update them as needed. I created the thumbnail art using Illustrator.​​​​​​​

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